class IMConfig(im)

Provides access to an InteractionMachine()‘s config data.

static setup()

Sets up the interaction machine’s config by reading the config from its value in the interaction machine’s sandbox config (the value of the config key in the sandbox config). Emits a Setup() event once setup is complete. returns a promise that is fulfilled after setup is complete and after event listeners have done their work.

class IMConfigError(message)

Thrown when an error occurs while validating or accessing something on the interaction machine’s config.

  • config (IMConfig) – the im’s config.
  • message (string) – the error message.
class SandboxConfig(im)

Provides access to the sandbox’s config data.

  • im (InteractionMachine) – the interaction machine to which this sandbox config is associated
static get(key, opts)

Retrieve a value from the sandbox application’s Vumi Go config. Returns a promise that will be fulfilled with the config value.

  • key (string) – name of the configuration item to retrieve.
  • opts.json (boolean) – whether to parse the returned value using JSON.parse. Defaults to false.