Welcome to Vumi Javascript Sandbox Toolkit’s documentation!

This is the sandbox toolkit for making writing Javascript applications for Vumi Go’s Javascript sandbox.

See also Vumi Go’s documentation.

Example Applications

To get you started, here are some example applications that may be useful as an example or reference.

JSBox Skeleton

A bare bones application that you can use as a starting point. It’s ready for you to read, adapt, unit-test, deploy and use on your phone within minutes.

Contacts Example

You can create, update and remove contact information in Vumi Go’s contact database. Here is an example application that shows you how.

Groups Example

Want to access Vumi Go‘s groups? The Go Groups application shows you how to do that. It’s a simple application that lets you create, list, and search for groups via USSD.

Key Value Store Example

Want to store some data for your application? Have a look at the Key Value store example application. Useful for if you need to maintain counters across sessions or have some session information you want to hold on to.


Sometimes you have little nuggest of information that’s shareable via USSD. Specifically for that we’ve created the Booklet State. It allows you to page through information over USSD. Here is an example application that uses it.

SMS keywords

An often used pattern with SMS shortcodes is to assign different behaviour to different keywords. The sms keyword application shows you how that can be done.

Events & Metrics

Want to track growth or changes in your application over time? The events firing example application shows you how that can be done. In the background this publishes events to Graphite.

Google Maps Mashup

An example mashup combining USSD, Google Map’s APIs and SMS. See how all these fit together to create a super useful application that does geolocation and delivery of directions via USSD & SMS.


This application is available in South Africa on *120*8864*1105#.


We’re big fans of Ushahidi, the crisis mapping tool. This Ushahidi USSD app is another mashup of USSD and the Ushahidi API. Allows reporting of geolocated events via USSD to hosted Ushahidi instances.


This application is available in South Africa on *120*8864*1087#.

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